•        Brain Homecare (China) Electronic Technology Co., LTD, which focuses on brain intelligence and health detection field of nervous system, is committed to research, development, production and sale of the most advanced neural electrophysiological instrument and related accessories all over the world.

           Our Company concentrate on scientific and technological innovation and establish an independent high-end laboratory with large amounts of money. Currently we own twenty (20) domestic and two (2) international patents in the field of brain science. We have established cooperation with several well-known international neural electrophysiology manufacturers such as Australian Compumedics Group on research, development and production. Meanwhile we have good cooperation with Capital Medical University, Peking University, XinJiang Medical University and other medical universities including their affiliated hospitals in academic, research, development and clinical. The products researched, developed and produced by Brain Homecare, including portable and wearable electrical system, EEG cap, brain electrode and dry electrode series products, which represent the world-class level, have been exported to North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries and regions.

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  • 我公司将参加中华医学会第十一次全国神经肌肉病学术会议...
  • 公司参展第十八次全国神经病学学术会议...
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